Structural Damp in Derby


What is Structural Damp?

Structural damp in Derby is the presence of unwelcome moisture in the structure of a building. A significant proportion of damp problems in properties are due to condensation, rain penetration or rising damp.

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Typical effects of structural damp include:

  • Plaster and paint deteriorate
  • Wallpaper becomes loose
  • Stains from water, salts and mould mark surface areas
  • Concentrations of airborne mould that after inhaled may cause severe health effects on humans and domestic pets
  • External mortar and brickwork may crumble
  • Indoor air quality can become very poor which in turn might cause respiratory illness in habitants
  • Excess moisture leads to growth of microbes like mould, fungi and bacteria which subsequently emit spores, cells and volatile organic compound in to the indoor air.
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Effects of Structural Damp

Another Project by our specialist - image shows effects of structural damp in Derby

Dampness has a tendency to do secondary damage to a building. The excess moisture enables the growth of a variety of fungi in wood, causing rot or mould, these can cause health problems and will eventually lead to ‘sick building syndrome’.

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