Penetrating Damp in Derby

Rain penetration (more well known as penetrating damp) is a common form of dampness in homes. It can occur through walls, roofs or openings such as window reveals. A lot of the jobs we deal with are caused by penetrating damp in Derby, water usually get into the external envelope of a building and travels inside.

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Common causes of penetrating damp include:

  • Roof structure problems such as faulty flashing, broken or lost slates or tiles.
  • Faults in brickwork or masonry, broken pointing, porous bricks etc.
  • Missing or faulty mastic around windows and doors.
  • To get expert assistance on your how to take care of structural damp in your property book a no-obligation survey.

Identifying Penetrating Damp

Clues to look for when trying to figure out if the cause of problems is penetrating damp in Derby include;

  • Discolouration of the inside decor with the presence of tide marks, salt deposits.
  • Blown/blistered (hollow sounding) plaster.
  • Wet and/or rotting skirting boards from time to time exhibiting rusting nails, much like floor timbers.
  • Random damp patches to any height on the walls and ceilings.
  • Black mould on internal walls, window frames etc.

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We guarantee all work we undertake and provide guarantees which are related to the property, not the owner. This can add value to the market value of your home and are automatically transferable upon future sale of the property.

So if you are suffering with penetrating damp in Derby please contact us for more information or a no obligation site survey and quotation.