Condensation in Derby

Condensation isn’t only a nuisance, if ignored it can cause major problems to the occupants, the furniture, the decoration and the very structure of a building. Condensation on windows typically brings about rapid decay to the lower areas of window casings, condensation on walls and ceilings causes mould and damage to to the plaster, condensation on the undersides of roof surfaces can lead to rot and decay in the loft. Damp homes will cost more to heat and spores from mould could lead to health conditions. So if you’re suffering with condensation in Derby we’re here to help you!

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Condensation In Buildings

Condensation in buildings comes from water vapour in the air cooling and precipitating into water in chillier sections of the structure or on cool surfaces like windows. All occupied houses will contain water vapour, it comes from our cooking, bathing and breathing.

Buildings with poorly insulated walls and bad ventilation are particularly susceptible to this problem. It often triggers damage in a building similar to penetrating or rising damp and it generally appears in the same places. Condensation is the biggest source of mould in houses.

How to Stop Condensation

Condensation is normally part of a complicated damp house problem and might be the result of various factors. Condensation at the bottom of external walls is frequently mistaken for rising damp and costly damp proofing will not solve this problem.

The first step is to adequately understand the cause and severity of the damp problem. One of our surveyors will visit your property and provide an assessment of your condensation in Derby problem. We asses the overall damp problem and suggest a guaranteed solution as well as a no-obligation quote for undertaking the job.

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